Thursday, April 25, 2013

Catholic Vote could be political game changer in 2013 elections: The Laser Test

Will the so-called Catholic vote really change the political landscape this coming elections?

Several dioceses have already come out with their "criteria" for voting. Collectively, Catholic dioceses are choosing candidates to support based on what they call the LASER criteria. Sources told me that, lay organizations backed by their respective dioceses have already met and have chosen seven candidates for the senatorial race. You will be shocked to find that those names in the list are virtually "unknown" or what political analysts term as "un"-marketable because they have no political pedigree.

That is just the point--we need individuals who do not have the baggages of the past and who are not stooges of Big Business. We need individuals whose lifestyle approximate their monthly incomes.

We need men and women of action, those who sacrifice personal comforts and their very futures just to pursue their individual principles and beliefs. We need individuals who have performed well and fought well not in the sidelines but in the trenches, in open battle against forces whom he/she believes act against Filipino welfare and interests.

We need Filipino candidates whose backers and supporters are members of the Filipino masses. We do not need those who pretend to be pro-poor but behind him come big business interests.

We shun those who are heavily hungry and thirsty for power than he does everything, even prohibited election acts, just to shore up votes.

Lastly, we need Filipinos whose reputation is unassailable--those who feel ashamed when their very names are smeared due to even talk of minimal corruption.

The Laser or Lifestyle, Action, Supporters, Election conduct and Reputation is something to consider.

If all goes well, and there io not a tinge of corruption or cheating in this elections, then, the true patriotic elements of this country will emerge victorious in this mid-term elections.