Monday, April 8, 2013

Nancy Binay's predicament

Spare my daughter. Vice President Jejomar Binay urged her daughter's detractors to leave her out of it. We ask--of what, Mr. Vice President? The Inquirer editorial just expressed what many others think--that Nancy Binay, your daughter is still not fit to become senator because of her inexperience in politics. Not too many people know that Nancy Binay is the force behind her father's success in politics. Unlike her brother who now seeks a second term as Mayor of Makati, and of her sibling, Abby, who even finished her law degree in a prestigious law school, Nancy's accomplishment, according to her and her handlers, is her political panache. She is behind her father's enormous poltiical network than is the envy of every politician out there who wants to someday, become president.

Honestly, Nancy Binay is a savvy political operator, more like her father. She does not need to be apprised of what is happening in politics because she knows exactly what. And this ongoing debate about her qualifications is part of the world she wants to enter.

There are two opposing views about this in the Philippine logosphere---one, those who do not believe that a candidate should have the necessary qualifications and two, those who think that intellect and experience are two best attributes that a candidate should possess prior to running for an elective position.

Nancy Binay can run for any elective post. Her family is not being accused of violating any law. They are simply being asked to go get a conscience. This applies to all those people who are carving a monarchy out of a Republican state.