Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why The Left Remains Relevant

Susan Quimpo dismisses the present Left Movement as some organisation with a very distinct and static view of its glorious past. Quimpo writes in Rappler how the Left uses the same old propaganda lines which she, and probably most of her relatives from the Quimpo clan, probably believed in too several years ago. She uses a most oft-repeated tactic--an "ordinary observer" belonging to what she thinks as "masa", showing bewilderment and even, disgust. Those first paragraphs allowed her to spurt her bias against those who continue to militate in the streets.

For Quimpo, this is not the time to get angry, but probably, to get even. What she proposes is for those "true advocates" of change to just work with government for substantial change.

Unknown to Quimpo, those who advocate for the easy way out for change are getting more and more frustrated by the day. The longer one works with institutions of repression, the more one realizes the futility of  sacrificing most of your day thinking your honest actions contribute to the slow burn of change. No.

As "change agents" work with institutions of repression, the more they realize the importance of revolution as a mode of change. Yes, thru the years, the very meaning of this term "revolution" has been diluted by capitalists and their apologists as something you can do in small scales. You can call yourself a revolutionary if you work with the government or even in corporations for as long as you do actions that benefit the people.

Bull. Crap.

A revolutionary is somewhat an iconoclast who hungers for something better than what the system is today. A revolutionary is someone who works for the total overhaul of this decrepit capitalist system which oppresses the workers and most of the people.

This belief stems from the realization that the very system itself promotes inequality. Capitalism is not meant to create an equal opportunity society, no. Capitalism is there to perpetuate those who already are in power. There is no chance for the worker to seize the means of production in capitalism. The means of production remains with the capitalist, and the same goes with the rest of society.

Why is the Left still relevant in our present time? Socialism is still one alternative system against the present rotten capitalist system. Socialism is ever evolving, its primary core principle still remains highly relevant and it is an ideological framework that remains substantial.

Filipinos are realizing the effectiveness of socialism as an analytical tool, particularly in explaining existing socio-economic and political phenomena. Socialism explains why the present Philippine system is far from being saved from the clutches of elite rule--because most resources or the means of production remains at the hands of a very few who uses their power and wealth in continually exploiting the people.

The Left continues to be relevant because it continues to expound and expose the truth before the people. In time, the people will realize that what we Filipinos need is not cooptation nor working for government. No.

There will come a time when we will all realize the inevitability of revolution as a mode of change and will crave for it.