Thursday, May 9, 2013

INC officially endorses 7 candidates from Team Pnoy, 5 from UNA

These are the names of the candidates officially endorsed by the Iglesia ni Kristo.

1. Angara (TEAM PNOY)
2. Bam Aquino (TEAM PNOY)
3. Grace Poe (TEAM PNOY)
4. Loren Legarda (TEAM PNOY)
5. Antonio Trillianes IV (TEAM PNOY)
6.Cynthia Villar (TEAM PNOY)
7. Alan Peter Cayetano (TEAM PNOY)
8. JV Ejercito(UNA)
9. Richard Gordon (UNA)
10. Grace Binay (UNA)
11. Greg Honasan (UNA)
12. Jack Enrile (UNA)

There is the possibility that this is the final configuration in this elections. A 7-5 configuration is believable.

Curiously, INK has dumped Chiz Escudero.