Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taiwan is like a brother to Philippines

There was a study undertaken several years ago. It was a comprehensive DNA study which showed that Pinoy blood actually has more Taiwanese DNA material than anything. Fact is, they traced the origins of Pinoy ancestors---the Ami tribe in Taiwan island. So, in effect, we are brothers with the Taiwanese.

Centuries ago, we were truly companions and compatriots in arms of the Chinese, especially those living in Taiwan island. Taiwanese and Filipinos are not just trading partners--we also fought together. In the 16th century, Chinese and Filipinos fought side by side to repulse Spanish forces. Yes, we were massacred, and the loam soil was soaked with both Chinese and Pinoy blood.

It pains me to see now Taiwanese beating up Filipinos. Four Filipinos were reportedly beaten up by irate Taiwanese. I just don't why these Taiwanese became barbarians.

These Taiwanese owe us their very freedom. Do you know that when the Chinese revolutionary forces under Mao Tse Tung tried to conquer the Taiwanese island, we, Filipinos, took part in defending it?When several Taiwanese families migrated to the Philippines to seek succor due to the war, our government took them in and took care of them. When Taiwan was struggling economically, which country provided them with funds and extended its hand? It is us, Filipinos.

Taiwan must not be overly dramatic and should try to maintain good relations with the Philippines. Without the Philippines, who will defend Taiwan from the emerging giant, that is China? Taiwan should not think lowly of their neighbors and be reminded always of their historical debt.