Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vice Ganda, comedy and bullying

When I read about what Vice Ganda did, I felt pity instead of anger. Who would capitalize on other people's perceived "weaknesses" or "physical what-have-yous" but those who lack creativity? I mean, I grew up idolizing comedic greats such as Dolphy and Panchito and never did I saw them joking about other people's gender or mirth. Yes, Dolphy made some what others might consider "toilet humor", but they were humoring themselves, not humoring at the expense of others.

When a so-called "comedian" makes fun of other people's miseries, I normally categorize these people as the non-creative types. Hey, there are a gazillon ways of tickling the Pinoy funny bone, and making fun of others, even, subjecting others to such inanities as "being raped by a gang", is, for me, the height of un-creativity.

When Vice Ganda was called a horse by many, it wasn't because of some guy describing him or her as such, but Vice Ganda telling people that he looks like a horse. Yes, Vice Ganda looks like the offspring of a human and a mare but never did I hear someone actually telling her straight face that she did go out that way, because, to a creative person, that is simply not the way to elicit laughter.

And when the likes of Vice Ganda demands equal treatment in a society that is full of insensitivity, and these people, themselves, treat or see others in an unequal light, that to me, is either (1) they are just foolish or (20 they're just plain stupid.

Either way, I would not, even tell Vice Ganda that what she did, describing Jessica Soho as such and even picturing the accomplished journalist being raped not by one, but by a "gang', is to my mind, gutter humor. Fact is, I would not even consider it "humor" because no one would wish that to a person, particularly to a respectable lady such as Soho. Who would want to wish a person raped by a gang, except those of the evil kind.

With this, I am wont to believe that success has definitely gone to Vice Ganda's head, so much so that she now thinks other people as beneath her. It is time to tell Vice Ganda to shove her filthy tongue to her anus and eat grass for breakfast.

Comedy is about making people laugh by showing them the lighter side of life. Is there anything funny about Jessica Soho's body? I, myself, am obese. Do I look funny or does Vice Ganda realize that she is so full of herself, she fails to listen to many people's gasps shortly when she did that "joke".

I know, I know, the reason why Vice Ganda did that was that her own life is a joke. Don't bother. People like VIce Ganda come, and go, especially those who tries very hard to be "creative" and different but appears more like "cretin" than anything.