Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A privilege speech of RP's veteran of political wars

Today is supposed to be the day when a grizzled veteran of political wars is supposed to give his valedictory speech and pave the way for his successor to assume power. At eighty plus years old, you would think that all he ever thinks about is preparing himself for the inevitable. Surprisingly, that thought is clearly somewhere hidden at the back of his mind, a brilliant mind, yet obviously not a priority, just germinating there for the wrong reasons. Most of his contemporaries have either paid a courtesy call before the God of Heaven or had been salivating for a stem cell change. For this man, there are still things he wants to do, like maybe legislate an innovation. Yet, the system is too vicious, too huge and too cruel. He probably realized that he is too small a man to effect its downfall.

He did--once, when he was in the prime of youth. He took umbrage at his enemies, even the mightiest of minds fell when he went out against it. Many saw an opportunity for change, he probably saw nothing but a power struggle. Many, like him, see this Country as a corporation out for a shakedown or a corporate raid. Those who got wealthy learned too early how this system works. For those who want to learn the art of the trade, this man had one principle in mind---buy out realms only through reason.

He is in the midst of a powerful political maelstrom. He is observing it and probably concluded that new and younger politicians with shrewd minds are taking the challenge he once clinched with his fists. And his keen sense of history probably made him conclude that all these things are just corporate plays, nothing more than charades.

In this country, politics is business. Nothing changes. Ideologies are things that idealists cling to yet eventually abandon when the system reveals its nakedness. Everyone worships the Mammon in this Country which pretends to be the only Christian Catholic country in ASIA.

All in all, one thing that he probably learns in his decades-old political career is, in politics, everything is traded.