Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bello says he has proof of sex for fly scandal

Akbayan representative Walden Bello will slap libel charges against Mario Antonio, one of three embassy officials now embroiled in the most humiliating and the most demeaning sex scandal to hit the Philippine diplomatic community. Antonio has denied all charges against him, even insinuated that this so-called sex scandal is nothing more than a concoction made by illegal recruiters to get back at career officials like him. Antonio says that illegal recruiters had a beef with him after he refused to grant them the permission to retrieve Ofws from the Bahay Kalinga centers. He says these recruiters want these Ofws back to get more money from them and prevent some from filing charges against them and their recruiters.

Bello says he'll haul Antonio to court and resign if charges against Antonio are proved as trumped up charges. Bello says he has witnesses.

There is an ongoing investigation ordered by the Department of Labor and Employment, the Poea and the Dfa. Secretary Alberto del Rosario wants those responsible fired from their posts and charged criminally.

If I'm del rosario, i'll not only fire these people, i will ensure that they spend their remaining time in jail and thereafter unleash the dogs of suffering unto them.  Public servants like theses do not deserve a punishment of reclucion perpetua....they deserve the gallows.