Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Small acts that will help ease traffic in Metro Manila

People should be engaged in solving the highly serious traffic problem here in Metro Manila. I am a perennial victim of traffic here, and I believe that, this is actually a case of miscommunication or the lack of it. Ordinary citizens like us can do our share in easing traffic congestion, if we exercise the following:

1. Stay in your respective lanes. Traffic gets worse when motorists try to shift lanes. Don't. Nothing really happens much in an EDSA traffic where the main thoroughfare converts into a temporary parking lot. So, best if you just stay in your lane.

2. Read traffic signs very carefully. Notice how some motorists cause traffic when they failed to appreciate the meanings of broken and unbroken lines. When you're in an unbroken line, try not to shift away and just follow what unbroken lines mean.

3. Follow traffic reduction schemes. If you are "color coded" today, follow the rule and don't try to use your vehicle. Just use public transport or if it's possible, walk to your office.

4. If you shift, use signals. Some motorists have this tendency of just "shocking" his fellow motorists by immediately shifting without warning. Don't be an arse. Make appropriate signals when shifting or moving your vehicle to the left or right.

5. Check your vehicle before hitting the road. One less stalled vehicle means better traffic flow.

6. One way is one way. Some motorists really piss others off when they convert one ways into two ways or when they try to force themselves into a situation. Again, there's nothing more pleasant to see other motorists giving you the thumb sign instead of the middle finger.