Saturday, June 15, 2013

Smart telecom's not so smart way of treating subscribers

Hey, Smart telecom postpaid subscribers be forewarned! Do not use Smart services when you are abroad! I personall encountered a very painful experience that i will never forget in my entire life!

Hey, Nick wilywayco of smart, listen up beause i will not tire sharing this sordid affair to all my friends and readers.

Sometime in May, i decided to get a smart telecom post paid service. I paid everything they told me to pay and even maintained a zero balance.

Last june 5, our company went to hk. I activated both my globe and smart roaming services. We left friday and at the airport  i activated the service. It was fine one day and saturday came, and smart services suddenly stopped. No one told me why---it just stopped. I never minded it since i did not use smart roaming services when i was in hk. Yes, it was ativated but i never used it. I did not make any calls.  Did not text anybody. If you want proof, you can check my call and data services log.

When i came back, it was my wife who informed me that smart has cut m services. Why, i asked? All. Know was my balance is zero, and i did not incur any additional expense because i never used smart services anyway when i was in hk.

Lo and behold!  Was informed by customer care that i incurred 39,000 pesos worth of servces!!! I fell off m seat! Wha was the basis of such charges? I logged a complaint. And until now, customer care is unable to provide me with sufficient proof why that fucking amount came about in the first place.

I asked that my phone services be re-installed but they did not. I checked my Globe post paid statement of account and wha do you know?  I was billed just 300 pesos though m wife called me there in hk man times and she texted me.

Wha about smart, you asked? Well, for not availing of their roaming services, for not calling anybody and for not texting anybody and just used my samsung galax phone wifi and just hooked the wifi with hk's free wifi services, smart is charging me 39,000.

I'm not paying.

Charge me in court, jail me if you will, but, as i live, i will fight this to the death. This is inhumanity. This is injustice. I've been a globe subscriber for four years now, and i never encountered such a problem. I am a smart telecom subscriber for just a month, and look what i got?

It really is smarter to just stick with globe, yes, nick wilwayco and red samar?