Tuesday, July 9, 2013

China and the US are not just RP allies but brothers

We share deep historical and racial ties with China and the United States that it is extremely hard to raise one and put down the other. Our ties with China began the very moment our ancestors built communities in Luzon and various parts of the country. We wage our wars with our Chinese counterparts against the Spaniards and even against the Americans.

In China's revolutionary wars, several Filipinos took arms and laid down their lives for their Chinese friends. When Japan invaded China, Filipino Marxists went on a guerilla warfare against the Japanese and when Japan itself invaded the Philippines, who went on the side of the Filipinos but their Chinese friends.

Historically, Filipinos have strong emotional and sociological ties with Chinese and Indian Hindus. In all of the Philippines' anti-colonial wars, the Chinese and the Indians as well as Muslim arabs went side by side with the Katipuneros.

Our ties with the Americans actually began taking shape when the Americans fought the Japanese in World War two. Previous to that, these Americans were our enemies. We share a Masonic bond with America in the modern century.

That is why, we Filipinos do not deserve to be caught between a fight among superpowers. This country was born as a trade hub. Eons ago, this country served as a trading center of all cultures from the East and the West. We need to accept this historical fact.