Monday, July 1, 2013

Strong political will against squatters

"Binebaybi". That's how some people described how government is treating the issue of informal settlers. Imagine, government will be giving 18,000 pesos of our hard earned money to people who blatantly violated the law. This is not justicious.

People who cause damage to other people should be meted the full force of the law. These people who live along esteros and block the natural water passage ways should be charged with violation of the law and summarily slapped with damages and prison time. Professional squatting should not be encouraged. Heads of these syndicates should be arrested, humiliated by public trial and hauled in jail. We should teach these people to abide by the laws of the land.

Government should show who's the boss this time, by showing these people the full blunt of the law. It is time that we put a stop to these illegal activities that is causing billions of pesos worth of damages.

I resent government's plan to give 18k. Why would you give these people monies? Why is government so afraid of these people? No. It is time for people who commit illegal activities to get what they deserve.

I am wont however to agree of giving these monies to poor workers and provide these with housing privileges. Public monies should be spent wisely and seriously, this 18k plan tends to backfire. Besides, are there strict accounting rules established to avoid possible mistakes in distribution.