Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stronger Political Will needed to enforce Laws

Squatters living off a private strip of land along Agham road yesterday clashed with police and caused a humongous traffic and peace and order problem. The cops were just following a judicial order. That land has been purchased already by the National Government, according to QC mayor Herbert Bautista. The NHA intends to build a tenement, a low cost housing project, similar to what former First lady Imelda Marcos did in her time. Bautista said illegal occupants there were given enough time to relocate or find some other place to live.

Yet, these squatters threw soda bottles, sticks and stones against these cops. These people are fighting for what? For the right to violate our laws?

Squatting is illegal. I understand Anakbayan or Anakpawis of supporting the suffering of the proletariat but these illegal squatters are surely not proletariat but obvious, the lumpen proletariat. They are the scums of the urban poor. Legitimate members of the urban poor still value their personal dignity and honor. These lumpen violate State law without regard for other people's rights.

The Socialist in me cannot justify supporting criminal elements. When a member of the masses resort or live a criminal life, he treads a path most often discouraged by a true blue Socialist. I cannot support a criminal activity, much less urge the masses to tread a similar path, since I know for a fact that such acts encourage mendicancy. True members of the masses value their dignity. Fighting for occupying a space illegally is not something "revolutionary" nor "Socialist". Rather, this encourages anarchy, something anathema to the true path of a revolutionist.