Monday, July 8, 2013

The RP Catholic Church is gearing for political Renaissance?

Is the Catholic Church in the Philippines is preparing for a political Renaissance? Seems like it when the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines elected Bishop Soc Villegas as their President. Everyone knows Soc. He's the political activist behind former Manila Archbishop Cardinal Sin. He's very active against the Marcos regime.

The bishops' group recognizes the importance of having someone who knows the dynamics of Philippine state and politics. In this day and age, it is highly necessary for the Church to involve itself in secular matters. Its rationale is simple: the very principles and beliefs of the State are being compromised and are, threatened with extinction. This church is not about to let go of its most cherished possession in the Pacific.

The CBCBP mentioned two controversial political issues: one, the Reproductive Health and two, the 2013 automated elections, both of which involved the Church. The Church says it will use all its powers to pressure the Supreme Court to strike down as unconstitutional the Reproductive Health bill. The other issue, says the CBCP, was the elections. There were many glitches and suspicious things which happened. The church wants the government to rectify those errors.