Thursday, August 15, 2013

Philippine Agenda ( unveiling on August 21

A new news site which aims to provide a more insightful analysis into the workings of the Philippine polity will be unveiled on August 21, the death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino.

Philippine Agenda ( will not be your ordinary news site, oh no. Philippine Agenda will present the news and more---it will provide you with a deeper understanding why these things happen in our country. It will be a more research-based site, explaining why a particular news event happened, who are involved both in the front- and backend.

I will be inviting former colleagues of Filipino Voices to take part in this undertaking. I will likewise, invite some media practitioners to share their views and insights.

Philippine Agenda will be meatier, heavier, and more relevant and revelatory. There will be no sacred cows here. Only the truth, which for centuries, has been eluding us, citizens of this Republic.

Read. Learn. Act. That's the Philippine Agenda.