Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A coup coming?

I would not be surprised if forces close to those accused and to be accused of dipping their fingers into the public honeypot will move mightily against the Aquino administration. What i mean "move mightily" is an extra-constitutional action.

However, doing such a thing now, is foolish. For one, public anger is such that it is not directed against the Aquino administration, alone, but against anyone who wears that congressional pin and drives around with a number 8 plate number. The disgust is such that, ask any single one, and you'll finid that even babies curse those who are involved in this large scale thievery.

This monumental and continuing violence is made all the more disgusting by suggestions from bodies which dispenses justice that it would take a year or so just to decide whether these persons deserve to be tried or not. Such a long time is proof enough that even this administration does not want the truth to come out---it only wants to calm the public's anger and hope that by the coming of the ber months and unto January, this Pdaf issue would be half its popularity.

Such a motive is actually harmful because this public anger is extraordinary. Not once in the entire history of the republic had we see such great and even creative expressions of disgusts. Fact is, many people blame this government and the system it represents as the cause of the people's malady instead of being the sole dispenser of justice and solutions. Such a perception, which is undoubtedly erroneous, is nonetheless the dominant perception among the people.

Realisng this, we find forces out to get Aquino out of office, springing into action once more, and reviving its propaganda machines to create malicious insinuations. I would have admired such actions but coming from people who once sat their sorry asses to power and calling on the people to support them for real change, cause me diarrhea than anything.

Whoever will move today against Aquino will not enjoy support from the people for one single thing---the people aren't blind. They may see within the ranks that these who want this government out, are those who benefitted from the largesse of previous dispensations. Of course, when and if they move, it would be for the benefit of those they knew or those equally guilty of the crime of plundering the people's money. The thing is, we must not be swayed nor be fooled by their propaganda because moving against aquino right now is more for the salvation of judases and barnabases among our midsts,not entirely for the salvation of the people from their present woes.