Saturday, September 21, 2013

Why our leaders rob us of our monies?

There seems to be an active debate online and offline on former first lady Imelda Marcos and pork barrel scam artist Janet Lim-Napoles. Seems like people see something similar with the two (in)famous ladies---they are both poor before they discovered the secret of the rich and powerful in this society. Imelda is not exactly a member of Leyte's traditional elites before she got Marcos' fancy. According to Janet's relatives in Basilan, she was as poor as any other before she met her husband, former major Jim Napoles.

When these two ladies got rich, they flaunted it to the dismay and anger of millions of Filipinos who cannot even afford just one pair of shoes which these ladies wore. The anger is justified because they believed that the monies these two celebrities spent came from the people's hard earned taxes. True or not, one thing is definitely sure---people really think that these two ladies did not get those millions working like normal taxpayers do.

Comparing Imelda and Janet seemed trivial but it is not. Their lives reflect those of others who work silently robbing us of our hard earned taxes. What we now realize is there are many other Imeldas and Janets out there who live in luxury and comfort at the expense of honest taxpayers who will never ever eat the same food these ladies eat every single day.

We remember of course a famour remark by a gentleman several years back, that there are really some people who are really smarter than others. In her younger days, Janet just wanted to become a radio hack operator while Imelda probably dreamt of a bank teller's fancy job before she met the dashing and debonaire of a guy named Ferdie. However, their luck changed when they discovered he secret of how other elites became filthy rich in this country---by getting the people's fascination while robbing them blind.

Let's face it---the system trained us to become honest citizens so that only a few can get away with murder. It would have been a catastrophe if most of us knew how to defraud the many. This system only trains a few slutty minds on how to rob the people using the very same laws that supposedly protect the interests of the majority.

Our laws were made to protectthe interests of a few, this we know already. We live in a make believe society where democracy supposedly guarantees equal opportunities to all of us and rewards those who work hard with riches beyond measure. Of course, most of us were trained to think like sheep,and never wolves. Wolves are always protrayed negatively in this society when if you think about it, these animals are survivors and they always get what they want.

This very same systemm which most of us want to preserve is actualy the one that perpetuates the inequality between those who are big time thieves and those who choose to live like sheep. This system teaches us never to succumb to the wiles of the flesh and never rob somebody to get filthy rich because there will surely be a few who will do that and those few will surely be considered our leaders and models.

The system teaches us to follow the law because the few will surely break them. The illusion that there is still a democracy that exists is perpetuated by most of us who follow the laws, while a few people break them to get wealth.  Democracy is really a perception of the many who practices them,never those who really are managing the resources of this country. The few who rule us never believed in democracy. Democracy is just a tool for them to perpetuate themselves to power so that they will continually rob us of our monies in the most conscientious way.

Democracy has always been invoked to justify the thievery which a few commits against the majority. It is democratic to raise taxes to fund projects of this government, and it is democratic that a fewbillions be siphoned off to perpetuate the lifestyle of those who rule us.

Of course, history teaches us that anarchy follows whenever a people assert the truest and purest ideals of humanity. One example is the French revolution. If we are to compare our Edsa with that of the French, we find similarities.