Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aquino says "He's no thief". Jinggoy and Bong Revilla followed suit with their "So am I's". Who's next?

The Inquirer published a huge banner which says in big words: " I am not a thief". Of course, everyone knows who told us that--it came from President Aquino. And what do you know? Even senators Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon "Bong" Revilla also professed of not being thieves.


I guess this is the version of the "it game" by politicians. I remember when I was young. The most popular game then was that game called "tag" or in Tagalog "taya".


So since Aquino already said he's a saint, then, Jinggoy and Bong also want the public to believe that they're saints too. I'm sure all the others who were, directly or indirectly "tagged" in this scandal, will surely raise their hands, and say, " We too are not thieves."


So, there. There is no thief in this country. Only suckers.


So, where did the World Bank and the United Nations got their information, that a trillion dollars got stolen from this country's public coffers, an accumulated amount I should say, from years of misrule? Where did those trillions go?


I don't know too how our very own Commission on Audit got their 200 billion peso estimate of the monies which eventually fell to the laps of some people we call "Honorables".


I guess in the next few days, more people whom the Department of Justice "tagged" as principals and accomplices of Janet Lim-Napoles would also come forward and say, "We're not "it"


So, who is "it"? Of course, it's Janet Lim-Napoles. She's the only one who stole those billions and kept it in secret vaults, so the story goes.


That explains why Napoles has a battery of lawyers at her beck and call. What luck! Imagine, the very monies which Napoles allegedly stole from us, are now being used to defend her and probably used right now to get her away from jail or the gallows.


Same goes to the other accused--they'll be using monies which the DOJ says, they stole from us.


I would not be surprised if, at the end of this year, this scandal will eventually lead to nothing, nothing at all. No one prosecuted. No one put in jail. No one even pricked in the ear for stealing other people's monies.


Tough luck for petty thieves and bank robbers.


If you are small fry in this country and you stole the wealth of the rich, you'll end up in a body bag. Or worst, you'll see your body parts scattered throughout the four corners of Metro Manila.


When you steal big, you'll not just enjoy the spotlight or have your statement published by major newspapers--you'll probably escape these charges unscathed and will even find time to run for public office.