Saturday, October 26, 2013

NDF calls for change but rants old names for Council of National Unity (CNU). What a disappointment!

The National Democratic Front (NDF) is calling for systems change. In their October 2013 video message, NDF personalities which include Fidel Agcaoili, former priest Luis Jalandoni, Connie Ledesma and NDF-CPP-NPA founder Jose Sison have called on the people to rise up and change the system. They proposed a Council of National Unity (CNU), a concept which has again sprouted shortly after the public outrage against the pork barrel system.

Personally, I am in favor of a council-type of government, something which is an effective alternative to the present system. This system, which, if you study History, you”ll surely conclude that it is the same shitty thing which our colonial masters has left us, needs immediate extraction and abolishment. I join former Archbishop Oscar Cruz in saying that the people must replace the very people running this government, especially the ones he called “pigs”. The pork barrel system is a manifestation of a society sick to the core, and being exploited by a few whose insatiable thirst for wealth and fame exceeds their desire to serve.

Changing this decrepit system needs extraordinary effort, something which would probably take decades, even a century. For one, who will lead this systems change? The NDF bunch tells of a few names, mostly former government officials, who already had their chance when they themselves occupied the rungs of power.
One example is former Chief Justice Reynato Puno. Puno, I dare say, is an “okey” choice, but not entirely, the best one. Though he probably does not belong to the Puno braddy bunch that made Philippine politics what it is now, the very thought that he did absolutely nothing when he was Supreme Court Chief Justice makes him a questionable choice.

Other names have been floated, something which reminds me of a braddy bunch of so-called “revolutionists” who, in one way or another, was caught with their pants down before. Why give them a chance to redeem themselves? Why give these former leaders a chance to again, occupy the rungs of power, when we have other Filipinos more worthy of the honor to faithfully serve the People?

This generation of leaders are corrupt to their very bone marrows. They are fakes. They do not deserve any minute longer in power.

A systems change calls for the infusion of new blood in the bureaucracy. This bureaucracy must be overhauled, the best components left to work, while the bad elements be extracted, torn to pieces or thrown in a fire, never to be used again.

These leaders have been given their chance. For decades, we, the People, tolerated their excesses. We gave them our respect and trust, and what did these people do? They abused us. They spat us. They disrespected us by stealing our monies. They have even placed the very futures of our sons, and probably, even our grandchildren in extreme jeopardy.

They propagated this belief in our minds that we are poor, when the very reason why we remain in such deplorable conditions is the fact that they steal the money we put in as taxes, and spend it to fund their excesses. These people can stomach what they feed to the mouths of their husbands and wives, their children, even their helpers. 

These people have even enjoyed themselves being feted by us, the People, in fiestas and other occasions and even called them “honorables”, and “Excellencies”, when they are in truth and in fact, un-honorable thieves in barongs.

These people betrayed the people’s trust. They flatten our mountains and let foreigners dig the minerals beneath them. They destroyed our landscape, cutting trees and selling these to foreigners. 

They used our monies so that they can buy our utility companies. They used our monies in buying industries which we built. We are being fried thru our own lard.

These people deserve nothing but our disgusts. These people ought to be hanged. Our disemboweled.

All traditional ideas of governance should be destroyed. All those who once benefitted from the people’s monies should be executed. Their deaths should be shown before the people, a proof that the new government is really sincere in revolutionizing our ways.

The call of the times—a New People’s Government which will lead the way towards real change. Our goal—create a just, humane and equitable system for the people, and by the people.