Wednesday, November 6, 2013

President Aquino's rating plunged to 35%

A private and confidential survey report was commissioned by Malacanan. It found that the pork barrel scam has severely affected the popularity rating of President Aquino. Based on the survey, Aquino actually got a very low 35% rating when the survey was conducted. Respondents belonged to the middle class and the very low. Aquino has practically lost support from the middle class, the survey says.

The plunge, quoting the ManilaStandard Today source, describes it as "worrisome" because it happened within a period of two weeks. The survey was conducted between October 8-11 by Laylo Research Strategies.

Aquino lost considerable support from the middle class living in the National Capital region (NCR). While his rating with the poorest of the poor plunged to 26 percent.

What is actually not surprising anymore is the fact that every single one from the President's cabinet and political allies got very low ratings, particularly Speaker Belmonte and Senate president Franklin Drilon. The survey found out that even their political allies from the Liberal Party got a severe beating from the Filipino masses.

Senators who were tagged as principals or accomplices in the Napoles pork barrel scheme lost all credibility, as far as the public is concerned. Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada got negative 16, 21 and 22% respectively.

Those who benefitted from this continuing scandal includes Chiz Escudero who got 62% for calling on the scrapping of the pork, GRace Poe, Miriam Santiago, Alan Peter Cayetano and Loren Legarda. Remember however that Loren Legarda's name was also tagged as another who got involved in this scam.

Aquino's ratings would surely drop even more after this Napoles testimony before the Blue Ribbon Committee. Fact is, Napoles testimony would even lead to the destruction of this administration.

President Aquino and his men should immediately make the necessary "cleansing" of the government, including, even firing officials of GOCCs. These executives, many of whom are Aquino's close associates and classmates, should absorb the fallout, so to speak. The controversy generated by their decision to grant themselves hefty bonuses and allowances contributed immensely to the widely held perception that Aquino's government itself is involved in large-scale thievery in government.

Yes, these bonuses and allowances are allowed by law, since GOCCs have their own charters. It may be legal, but it is definitely not moral.

While millions wallow in poverty and suffering caused by disasters, natural and man-made, what will the people think about the president's men helping themselves with millions of pesos from the people's monies?

The President should start firing these officials to show the people that it is sincere in implementing "tuwid na daan"