Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tindog! Waray Ini!

I am a Waray, a descendant of a brave Katipunero whose surname is Soyosa and a proud farming family called the Magallanes clan. My father is a Bulakeno from San Miguel, my mother, a humble lass from Tanauan. My blood holds the DNA of revolutionists of the past, locked inside are stories of bravery, of courage, of sacrifice. My ancestors first unsheathe their krises and slashed the heads of colonizers. I am Waray. I have a proud heritage of prevailing in all calamities. Waray ako pera, pero dili ako patatalo sa kahirapan! But, for long will I strive? How long will I wage my battle against nature and against men of corruption high? I am waray, and I am being enslaved by men who pretend to be my benefactors only for me to learn that these demons treat me as their slaves rather than their bosses. I am poor not because I'm lazy. My hard-earned monies are being toyed with by leaders of High, billions of pesos go line the pockets of lazy men in expensive barongs. Some of my relatives, scores of them all dead because they were swept by this storm surges. Ask if any of the Magallanes survived and you"ll find no one. Yes, I will rise up from the ashes but I long also for justice! Yes, justice is what I need in these times of great challenges. Leyte will rise up for sure. Waray ini!