Monday, December 2, 2013

Anne Curtis--and the arrogance due to fame and fortune

So, it's true---the lovely Anne Curtis just lost her cool and even bragged that she has the money to buy a person (Phoem Baranda, fellow Kapamilya), her friends (who includes a scion of a wealthy haciendero worth billions) and a club (which is one of the most expensive in the country). I just wished Kim Henares heard all of Anne's bimbo rants.

Anne Curtis already publicly admitted that she did all these unsavory and un-ladylike acts since yesterday but the online community is just starting to chew on it. I had a friend who happened to be at the scene, swears that Curtis might be "under the influence". Under the influence of what? Of GSM blue? Of ecstacy? Of lsd? of joots? or plain and simple, arrogance?

Yep, I remember those years prior to Martial law when a wealthy and highly controversial family called a party of sorts, invited many people and made a highly talked about scene. At the middle of the big house stands a fountain, but it was not just your ordinary fountain. The owner of the house transformed the foundation into one gushing with imported red wine. Wow, talk about the excesses of Nero's Rome, this one tops it.

Okey, don't stray too much---just remembered how Janet Lim-Napoles bragged before PDI journalist Nancy Carvajal, who told her how rich was she and that she "owns government." After a series of NBI probes, seemed like Napoles is not just bragging but telling us the truth.

Now, on cute-sy Anne Curtis, the one with an alabaster skin and a big seductive smile, well, you can't really blame her for "bragging" that she can even buy the world. At a very tender age of twenty nine, and having those millions, would'nt you brag? Afterall, she did not get wealthy in an instant. Hers was really a product of hard work and sweat.  She experienced "the works", of lining up just for audition, and of being rejected due to her "lineage".

She's sexy. She's beautiful. She's young and filthy rich and you tell her to stop?