Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bong Revilla arrest like movie premiere

It has all the elements of a successful movie launch---the movie's main actor with his wife smiling and waiving before huge throngs of his shrieking fans. Senator Bong Revilla must have thought that he's just attending one of his movie premieres. That's why even when he was being taken his mugshots, he appeared smiling and "all game" to it all.

Bong even punctuated the entire event with a cryptic McArthur-like quip, " I will rise again!" It's an attempt by Bong Revilla to put a political color into it, yet, the public is definitely not convinced.

Everyone, probably except Bong, know that what they saw was a usual surrender of someone accused of a crime. It is just that Bong preferred to do it with fanfare. And the media were all game or into it.

Philip Lustre writes in his FB update na just allow all these stupid things since it is what Bong prefers. He is smiling now, but hours from now, says Lustre, Bong will definitely realize that all the hoopla is not anymore a dream but a horrific reality.

Janet Lim-Napoles, when she was accompanied by the president to Camp Crame and unto Fort Santa Rosa thought that she would just be imprisoned for a time. Yet, Napoles has been there for a year now and all of these things are just starting.

Those scenes yesterday were but reminders for those who still continue their errant and corrupt ways to reconsider and tread the right path, otherwise, suffer the very same things these thieves are now encountering.

Of course, Bong Revilla knows that these things are just "temporary" since he can still run while the resolution of his case pends before the Sandiganbayan. More than ever, Bong Revilla's personal survival depends on the extension of his political life. If he loses more political power, he loses clout and makes him susceptible to a harsher punishment.

That's why Bong is banking on the possibility of him, "rising again" because the system practically allows it. He is still not barred from running for office because there is still no final adjudication of his case.

The thing that Bong does not realize is the fact that the longer he stays in jail, the more he spends money. The more money he gives to enjoy favors in jail, the more he becomes vulnerable. IN this system, money is t