Monday, June 30, 2014

Singaporeans should not blame us Pinoys for not having work

I pity some Singaporeans. They're blaming Filipinos for the hardship they are encountering right now.  Some of my friends who are working there told me that racial hatred is rising against Filipino professionals. Reason? Many young Singaporeans are out of work.

I saw first hand how Singaporeans work and mine you, some of them are okey. Some, especially the young ones are always non-committal, or they don't have the loyalty to their companies. Most stay for at most six months and leave while others, well, stay for a year and leave for another company. Some are so hard-headed that they don't want to learn during the time they spend working.

Old Singaporeans who lost their work are often those who blame Filipinos for their predicament. Honestly, I don't know why.

The reason why Filipinos excel in Singapore is the obvious fact that the country provides the greatest opportunities to people who are hard-working and patient. If you have patience and loves working for people, Singapore is the best place for you.

When I was once an OFW (I was a Manager working for a company who services VISA) working in Singapore, I enjoyed my stay there because it is the most ideal place to work. You get up early. Eat breakfast. Wash yourself and don your best office suit. You then ride to work or just walk to your workplace.

When you're there at the workplace, you normally spend more than eight hours, because like me, since I was alone at that time, I spent more time in the office because I didn't have anything to do at home anyway. My boss is always happy because I get to show him my best always.

Locals, however, do not do that. They leave early. However, what is good about them is that these locals are trained never to leave a work hanging. Meaning, we were trained that if you can finish your work today, finish it and never leave it for tomorrow.

Many Pinoys were given salary incentives/increases (like me!) because they are hard-workers and Filipinos are trained to think in strategic terms. Well, how about Singaporeans? Some of them unfortunately do not think like that.

Regional posts of global brands are hiring mostly Pinoys rather than Singaporeans or Chinese or Indians for obvious reasons--we are better than them. Is this true or a boast? Well, this is entirely true. Filipinos are really better than their neighbours.

So, the next time Singaporeans piss at or curse at, Pinoys, think. You may be cursing your boss.