Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No class war behind Cayetano-Trillanes-Pimentel-Roxas attack vs. Binay?

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano tries to downplay what Vice president Jejomar Binay told the public recently--that these character assassination attacks are coming from quarters being backed by traditional rich families as part of these trapo families' attempt to frustrate the people's will.

Cayetano says Binay hobnobs with the rich himself. So, allegations that he is being attacked by the "rich and powerful" in this country is at least, a subterfuge meant to divert public attention from graft allegations being hurled against the Vice President.

If you look at this "fight" between Cayetanos and the Binays, these are not just mere "battles" but serious ones bordering on the personal.

We all know how obnoxious the younger Binays think of Cayetano. Cayetano, if you still don't know, wanted nothing more than become a Senator and eventually a president  and this "ambition" began when he was still a UP student.

He lost that one in UP. When he tries is hand at the presidency again in 2016, he will lose because Cayetano lacks that charisma and toughness as a leader. He is okey as a mere senator but a president?

Who backs Cayetano? Of course the Zamoras. Who backs Mar Roxas, but Eric Gutierrez, an associate of the Zamoras especially in the mining business.

Many of our politicians's electoral campaigns are funded by rich people, mostly with several business transactions with government or have properties which are dependent on continuous government protection.

There are several policies created by the House that might harm indirectly or directly big business interests. This explains why many businessmen and their associates are renk-seekers because they have no choice.

And because he is beginning to act and think like a grand trapo, Cayetano seemed trap with his inevitable fate of being the rich's stooge at the Senate.