Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Prayer for you, my friends and readers

I love you my friends and readers
While the rest of world celebrate this day with fun fare, we, Citizens for Change, must recognise that this day should be a day of remembrance--of the birth of someone who sacrificed himself just to attain true illumination.

Though this day is still being disputed if it is truly the day when Christ was born, nonetheless, let us set that aside and let us just remember the man who re-established our links with our Creator.

He, of humble birth, taught us the importance of value. For Christ, everyone has a reason for being. Let us think that way--that whatever our station in life is, there is a reason why the Creator God put us in that condition. And that reason is always to be a blessing to others, to the world.

This is the time when we already know that every single organism in this world is interconnected in one way or another to other beings inhabiting this living world. As such, this interconnectivity allows us to re-discover our true nature as spiritual beings first, and organism second. Though we cannot simply put all these into one paradigm, be comforted by the fact that this unexplainable interconnectivity is simply proof of how many laws of nature are still out there, undiscoverable yet within our firm grasp.

We are destined to live in a world of
innumerable pleasures that God can only give
And Christ, when he was still teaching his disciples of the true Gospel from God, our Lord, pointed us to the inevitable destination of every soul in this living world--a better realm, a better world where we originally came from. This parallel universe where God reigns, is where we all will go. For all the frustrations we feel about the system of man, there, in the realm of God, we will find our lasting peace.

Value, or reason for being, connectivity and inevitable return to the realm we originally came from--this is the distillation of what Christ gave us as a message from God, the creator of everything.

Since I cannot be with you this day, let this prayer of mine be my gift to all of you, my dear readers.

O Holy Father, the God of all gods,
The Creator of Everything, Living and Non-living
The Lord of all Lords, we praise You and Your Everlasting Name
May You forever be praised by all creation.

God, the loving and ever merciful One, Forgive us our sins.
Cleanse our souls from filth, from trespasses and from the transgressions
That we inflict to You, and to Your Name
May we realise that for every sin, You are being mocked
that though nothing can ever hurt you,
Your Love to us is everlasting.

May we always be under your protective wings
May we always be reminded of our daily duties
May we always think of our actions
to be always in tuned with Your Will.

May we always be a blessing to others
May we always be someone's shining example
of the kind of love you so give to your Creation
a love that is in describe-ly beautiful.

May we always be a beauty to others
a blessing to those in need
a shoulder to cry on by those whose hearts are in pain.
a friend of the senseless heart
a friend of those who hate.

Let your love pour like drops of rain upon this parched earth
Let your love ever embrace those living alone
Let your love protect the widows, the orphans and the poor
Whisper to their ears
tell them of those wonderful stories
share with them those soothing lullabies
that You sang to them when they were still in their wombs.

Share with us the bounties of the Universe
Make us Your Living Servants
Servants who pursue Your true Gospel
of Love, of sacrifice, of peace.