Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Malacanan moving in to assure the victory of its candidate come 2016?

Yen Macabenta's column today at Manila Times made me think. He says that Communications secretary Sonny Coloma made a Freudian slip when he said that the Office of the President was trying to influence the Commission on Elections in agreeing with the 2-billion contract with Smartmatic.

Macabenta's take is very interesting. Did Malacanan intervened to secure the victory of its candidate come 2016?

Many say that it takes only one more survey for Malacanang to justify the victory of its candidate. If you analyse the current survey, what political strategists close to the administration bet did was create an impression, nay perception, that the ratings of their bet are rising while the top bet's numbers are decreasing.

The past surveys tried, yet failed to achieve that impression. Why? Grace Poe's numbers are being used, and statistically speaking, compared with Mar Roxas' numbers there is not much difference. That is the perception being slowly formed to condition the minds of the people that Roxas, should he be fielded as administration bet, has the chance of winning.

For a successful cheating to occur, it only needs to condition the minds of the people that the beneficiary of the cheating has the chance of winning. And surveys help in creating this perception.

How to successfully engineer cheating? Is our counting machines fool proof? No. Is our transmission process which is the key in cheating, again, fool proof?

Election does not end in counting the votes mind you---it ends when it is transmitted. If PCOS machines in a precinct counts the right way but the figures transmitted reflect the wrong results, are these trace-able? Yes, but it takes a long time. By the time someone identifies widespread cheating, the term of the winner or beneficiary of the cheating has already in its near-end. How then will the true winner get justice?