Friday, January 2, 2015

Lucky businesses this 2015

Generally agreed by several Feng Shui experts out there, 2015 is the continuation of the fire element cycle which began in 2013. Three fire element years beginning with the Horse (2013) and the Snake (2014), the Year of the Wooden Green Sheep has also the element of fire in it. What this means is that whatever things you did and accumulated from 2013, will culminate in a somewhat "review" this 2015.

Or plainly speaking--just continue the good work you began doing last 2013 and good fortune will continue on this year. If you did good two years back, and if you continue the very same processes that gave you good fortune, then, surely, you are expected to reap the same benefits, and more.

The goat has strong earth elements which means well for the global economy. The recovery which the US and Europe achieved in 2014 will sustain itself this year.

Raymond Lo says that "Inside the Goat there is hidden yin fire, yin wood and yin earth.  So the fire energy still exist and the year is still favorable to energy business, air travel, sports, exercises, entertainment, restaurants, and fire is optimism which will continue to drive up the economy and the stock market. It is anticipated that 2015 the economic recovery in USA and Europe will sustain and continue and as there are less serious conflict like in 2014, the economic atmosphere will be more stable and steady with less dramatic fluctuations."

If you like to try your hand in business, the lucky business pursuits this year are those related to energy business, air travel, sports, exercises, entertainment and restaurants. You want to build your water station this year? The possibility of success is great because it is related to restaurants, entertainment, sports and exercises.