Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mar Roxas statement re SAF Massacre---I did not know (WTF)

On massacre of SAF in Maguindanao: wala po akong
kinalaman dito/ Para que ka pang naging DILG
secretary, nalulusutan ka pala ng mga tao mo?
DILG secretary Mar Roxas yesterday feigned innocence on the mission of the SAF in Maguindanao which resulted to 49 deaths and scores injured.

His PR handlers are trying to isolate him from blame by effecting a story in a newspaper blaming PNP chief Alan Purisima for the botched operation. 

Hay naku! These PR guys just don't know what they're doing. They just pictured their principal in a very bad light.

Imagine, a person aspiring for the top post in 2016 just clueless on what's happening below him? The contingent sent pala by the SAF composed of more than 400 troops and here is your DILG secretary in the dark as to the deployment of such a huge number of assets and men?

He says he does not know such a huge operation against two known international terrorists? 

That shows you what will happen to us, ordinary people, if we allow such an incompetent person to occupy the highest executive post of the land---he will just allow his men to just do their own thing with him always exercising deniability.

Had it succeeded, I'm sure Mar will try to get all the credit. Of course, now that it failed disastrously and the people are delirious, even at a lynching mode, trying to find out the truth who are responsible for deploying those men to the slaughterhouse, Mar is distancing himself and projecting that he is essentially a buffoon, the head of the DILG, nalusutan ng mga sailing tauhan?

It would have been very patriotic and even inspiring for Mar to just assume responsibility and call for an independent probe on what happened. 

Just think---this early, Mar has shown such incompetency and he still wants to become president? My gulai, sobrang pangarap!

Ayokong maging presidente ang isang taong manlalaglag ng sariling mga tao para lamang mapanatili ang kanyang reputasyon.

Hey Mar, be man enough! This early, you are still managing a department, and you cannot handle it? Pano pa if you're the head of the entire bureaucracy?