Friday, February 6, 2015

Mar Roxas is resigning? Aquino cabinet members planning another Hyatt 10?

after that so called "shouting match" between mar Roxas and his boss the president, news swirled of Roxas daw to call for a Presscon and announce his resignation. Many netizens felt this is a positive thing. Others well say that Roxas just wants to save his shattered reputation after news about his not being entirely trusted by  pnoy blew out of proportion all over town. Many felt that Roxas was really not the president's choice to succeed him a fact now recognized by many.

If Roxas resigns along with his trusted men in the cabinet at this very juncture when pnoy is down, it just goes to show that Roxas just wants to save his hide and salvage whatever reputation he has left.

It likewise says much about his character. When erap was being plotted against by his very own men, Roxas took it as a sign to abandon erap. And just when Gma was largely being vilified and at the point of ouster, Roxas again went against her. And now this.

Well, it turned out that it was not Roxas, but suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima resigning and which the president reportedly accepted. As of last night, there has been no confirmation of Purisima's resignation from Malacanan.