Thursday, February 12, 2015

Senate probe on the Mamasapano Massacre: Play of words and technicalities to hide the truth

Basing on the two days worth of hearings, we, the People, find the following as a confirmation of earlier assumptions.

First, there was a problem in command and control. What is the problem? No one in government wants to assume responsibility. President Aquino blames the SAF commander while the commander himself points to a suspended PNP chief for giving him the "order" which Purisima terms as "advice".

It also shows that the MILF, which is supposed to be partners of government already given the signed peace agreement, also lost command and control. For seven long hours, the MILF leadership failed to control their 105th brigade, the same unit where Marwan spent his last days and where Basit Usman was hiding and reportedly training some MILF members some are women fighters.

Second, there are attempts at lessening the "impact of the incident" by raising "technicalities" and most government officials are resorting to "play of words". Such terms as " close to mission objective", " tactical coordination" were all raised to muddle the issue and are attempts at literally obfuscating the real issues.

Lastly, it is obvious that the very same government peace panel are mouthing the official alibi of the rebels, even in many aspects, defending their actions by again, resorting to technicalities. Prof. Sheila Coronel and Peace adviser Teresita Deles are supposed to be pursuing the people's interests. However, Coronel is even re-stating the claim of the MILF as a revolutionary organisation and re-iterating the MILF's "belligerency status".

Now I understand why the MILF managed to get many concessions from the government--we have a very weak government panel, always ready to sacrifice the national interests for the sake of the MILF. 

Why is our government so afraid of the MILF when, during the time of former president Estrada, our military has proven its effectiveness of defeating this rebel group? The AFP has defeated the MILF before--even decimating their camps. 

Now, with government monies (President Aquino gave 5 million pesos to Mohaqher Iqbal, remember last year?), the MILF is buying arms and strengthening itself. 

Let's admit that our government's fault is we granted the MILF a "belligerency status". That explains why this rebel group is now issuing bold statements against the very republic who seeks peace with them.

I have stated it long before--prior to government entering into an agreement with the MILF, the OPAPP should have assessed if the ones negotiating with them, particularly the MILF leadership, still has command and control of most of their forces in Mindanao. 

What is not being revealed here is the fact that most MILF units are now recognising the chain of command of the BIFF leadership specifically of Umbra Kato. That explains why the head of the 105th brigade of the MILF also acts as the BIFF leader in the area. 

This explains why a study conducted early on reveals that in the event of a peace agreement, there is no certainty of implementing such measures because of the very fact that the MILF leadership is not entirely sure if it can issue commands to its troops and if those troops would actually respect or even follow the MILF chain of command.

Former MNLF chairman Nur Misuari has already publicly announced that most MILF fighters are now BIFF. So, even if this government enters into peace with the MILF leadership, violence and conflicts will still break out in Mindanao precisely because most MILF fighters do not hold faith in the "promises" of the Central Government, and thus, are conditioned to fight for INDEPENDENCE rather than "autonomy."

Meaning, whatever the government says right now, even giving us false assurances of success of the peace pact, the fact of the matter is--WE ARE STILL IN THE STATE OF WAR BECAUSE THE OTHER SIDE THINKS THEY ARE.