Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weighing. Waiting. Watching. Wavering.

I listen to Wagner's Die Walkure as it waifs in the air, while I analyse the implications of these interesting stories unfolding.

I sense political forces at work, all moving in for the kill, probably smelling victory while others cautiously checking reality versus propaganda which populates most newspapers and even online sites. What is certain is that this administration is at a critical stage of its very existence. And at the very end of this scandal is the reality of a compromise among political and economic actors of the age.

Most observers would agree that what is being debated is the necessity of change. The crux of the issue is Time. You have one and half years at one side and seven and half years on the other. Or, a possibility of a perpetual ruling of a rambunctous solid group of elites under a pseudo democratic setup.

What is most telling is that most, if not all, are in agreement--this peace overtures are dead in the water. Those hawks waiting in the wings are enjoying it. Those months of work by the peace panel just got thrown out of the window with just one nightmarish incident. The people's sentiments have turned.

Weighing in on the options left, the exigency of what I will be writing here is enormous.

At the end of these things, we must resolve this festering issue of command--who is really in command or is there anyone really managing our affairs in the right way?

Do we have the best leader commanding, and leading us the right way? Some say yes, others say no. The problem really is our standard. What is our minimal standards when it comes to leadership.

Is our minimum anchored on our collective ethics? Or, we just follow the sway and baton of those who are the richest amongst us?

As always, people ruling us will arrive at a certain decision--do they replace him now or just contend with the remaining one and a half?

What is most important is that, if government really is very keen on pushing for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), are we ready for the consequences of such an act? Or we just let the Fates decide for us.