Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pnoy's unapologetic stance may cause him the presidency

President Benigno S. Aquino's refusal to apologize for the debacle that is the Mamasapano massacre is something insane, to say the least. Aquino's bull headedness is causing irreparable damage to the institutions of democracy in the Philippines.

His mishandling of the Manila hostage crisis nearly destroyed our bilateral ties with Hongkong. It even led to a ban of OFW deployment in the island state.

I think Pnoy misunderstands the concept of having or exercising a "strong political will." For him, showing strong political will means being bull-headed or pig-headed which is not right.

The reason why Pnoy lost his popularity and the trust of the public is simply the perception of him as an apathetic and pathetic leader. He is seen as apathetic, because he did not show any care for those who died in Mamasapano and "pathetic" because he refuses to remedy the situation and continues or refuses to rectify or even improve his actions adding cause to the perception of him "ducking responsibility" or promoting mediocracy in managing the affairs of the state.

I disagree with Senators Trillanes and Bam Aquino. The more this president refuses to owe up the more likely the possibility of him losing the presidency altogether.