Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sabah claim effectively terminated when Bangsamoro Republic goes live

Will the Philippine government abandon the Sabah claim the minute the Bangsamoro Republic goes live? Will the government include residents of Sabah as voters in the plebiscite to be held for the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Why yes and why not?

It is expected that when this Republic goes live, it will eventually assume the claims to Sabah. However, this may even be superfluous since top leaders of this Bangsamoro government unit are closely allied with Malaysia.

What is the true reason why President Aquino and his minions are over-reacting on the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Many people are asking themselves why Aquino is so gung-ho about all these considering that no one really is certain on the success of this "experiment"

And don't tell me that there will never be peace negotiations post-Aquino? Why the rush?

Many, including this writer, thinks that this "rush" is linked with Malaysia. We all know the interest of Malaysia in all of these. Mindanao, for their intents and purposes, is a threat to the security of their country, especially Sabah. We are talking not just on the peace and order situation, but even to their economic security. Mindanao has the potential of becoming that region's economic hub. Its vast natural resources as well as its strategic location makes it an ideal venue for regional trade.

On the security aspect, we all know what happened when elements of the Sultanate of Sulu illegally entered and fought security forces of Malaysia. That was a security nightmare not just for Malaysia but even for the Philippines. President Aquino had to threaten those armed troops of the Sultanate to stand down.

This issue is still absolutely "live", meaning no resolution on the horizon. If the Bangsamoro republic turns legit, then, it will subsume the Sultanate and its adoption into the Bangsamoro state may eventually mean automatic abandonment of the Sabah claim.

In the event that the new Bangsamoro Republic assumes jurisdiction even Jolo, Basilan and Tawi-Tawi, will this effectively end the claim of the Philippines to Sabah?