Sunday, April 26, 2015


Gloc-9's 2014 album "Liham at Lihim" (Letters and Secrets) is a very impressive album of a Filipino artist. For those who want to know the Filipino soul, listen to this masterpiece.

Those lyrics, ah, such that touches my very soul to its deepest core. It reminds me of my youth and not a few made me cry.

Some of these songs, "Huminahon ka", " KMT", "Takim-Silim" (Regine's voice is so immaculate here. Very nice), " Siga" and others. Listening to Gloc-9 forms images in your mind, of the ordinary scenes in urban Manila.

Manila here is not your postal card pretty city but shows you the inner belly of a slowly rotting city.

What strikes my heart is the song, " Itak ni Andres". This song is really very impressive. Excellent. Nicely done.

I think the compilation of songs here especially including this song "tsinelas sa putikan" is a masterpiece. "Hindi sapat" is an emotional tribute song to Gloc-9's mother. Listening to this song reminds one of one's mother.

I bought one thru I-tune's and this is, I think, one of my best purchases ever.

I salute you Gloc-9! Thanks for reviving the light within my heart.