Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On Mary Jane Veloso's case---it's not yet over

Mary Jane Veloso, the alleged victim of human trafficking in Indonesia, has been sent to the Yognakarta city prison after the Indonesian government suspended her execution. But, don't rejoice yet and surely this is NO miracle. This does not mean that Mary Jane has escaped the firing squad. No. Her execution has been suspended pending further investigation of the role of her recruiter in the drug ring operations. Meaning, she will surely die.

INdonesian president Widodo has rejected international calls for a stay in the execution. His explanation is simple--Indonesia is suffering from a very serious drug addiction problem. The only way to fight the drug menace is simply execute those being used to distribute illicit drugs into the country.

Widodo suspended Veloso's execution after being given notice that new evidence has been found and that Veloso would be made to witness against her illegal recruiter. There is no certainty if Veloso would be given a new lease of life or even given back her freedom.

Questions are rising as to the innocence of Veloso. Is she really innocent? Doubts form in my mind. Seems like Mary Jane is not an "innocent victim" here.