Thursday, April 30, 2015

Possible outcome of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight of the Century

Many have commented about this fight and the entire boxing universe is somewhat divided over who will win between Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. May weather Jr may not be his usual boastful self and there is a seriousness in the face of the American boxer but we will never know what's in his diabolical mind. We see a very confident Pacquiao but we don't know what really is the feeling of the Pacman. Is he compensating for the doubts in his mind? Yes, he probably completed his training but how about his emotional state?

What I am certain though is this:

1. Pacman will win this fight. This is for the good of the boxing world. A defeat thru unanimous decision which will be in favour of Mayweather will end boxing's richest fight. However, a Pacman win will lead to a Pacman vs. Mayweather II and III, to the delight of both Mayweather and Top Rank promotions. If Pacman wins, this match will not be the richest fight ever. A repeat would surely outclass, outbid and outscore the first one.

2.  It is highly unlikely for Mayweather to agree for a rematch if he wins. He will surely set his sights at other boxers such as Algieri or other younger fighters. Meanwhile, a loss will convince Pacquiao to retire.

3. If this bout goes the distance and the Pacman inflicts major harm to Mayweather Jr. a rematch will never ever happen. May weather Jr. would surely win if this goes the distance.

4. Is Pacman capable of knocking out Mayweather Jr? Yes, but it will not happen in the early rounds. It will happen when Mayweather tires himself out maybe in the seventh or eighth rounds. The Pacman has survived 11 to 12 rounds before while Mayweather, well, yes, but not all of his fights went the distance. Depending on his conditioning, but Mayweather Jr. will surely opt for an early knockout instead of going the distance because he knows that the Pacman gets deadlier as the fight progresses.

Paxman would surely not force the issue with Mayweather Jr and will not choose to knock the American boxer out in the early rounds. May weather Jr is a great counterpuncher. Pacquiao is prone or has the tendency of forcing himself and committing monumental and very costly mistakes in the past. When Marquez knocked the Pacman out, the reason was, Pacman opened himself up which allowed Marquez to sneak a strong punch in. This same thing could happen in this fight if the Pacman becomes overeager.

5. Is Mayweather capable of knocking out Pacman? Yes. The Pacman has been knocked out before. An overeager Pacman would be a disaster because Mayweather is an intelligent boxer. He has a very strong counterpunch. If Pacman decides to come in and initiates a rough fight, Mayweather is expected to respond in a very strong manner.

The main problem of Pacman is Mayweather's agility. May weather knows how to distance himself and use his much longer reach to his advantage. His jabs may not be as strong as Pacman's yet he is capable of unleashing them at the right time and the right place so to speak. Mayweather Jr knows where it hurts and that's why he is a body puncher as well.