Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blind Item: Aspirant for a Top Post in 2016 had a case of mauling a Filipino maid?

Who is this person who appears to be very gentle, mild-mannered and some say "hindi makapatay ng amok" before our television screens but actually was slapped with a case of slight physical injuries by her very own maid, some years ago?

This person, who is aspiring for a higher position in 2016, looks and tries to look like her parents, who are respected people in Filipino society. 

Her parents or shall we say, surrogate parents, are highly respected because of their demeanour in public. Never did we hear any bad thing about them.

This is entirely different in the case of this person who, some of her close friends swear, smokes a lot, even was booked for DIU in the States and nearly spent time in a foreign jail when cops caught this person using heroin.

Anyway, we are going ahead of the topic eh.

Many people are asking this person the reason why this person elected to live in another place. 

The reason is---he/she was sent to the States shortly after he/she abused and physically assaulted the maid, a trusted aide of her surrogate parents.

Those who told me this swore that this person became extremely jealous of the maid who was treated very well by the surrogate parents for many years. 

During a time when she/he was extremely high on illegal substances, she/he got into an altercation with the maid who only told him/her not to bring those illegal substances inside her/his parents' house.

When this candidate heard what the maid said, the candidate went into a rage and punched, kicked and slapped the maid many times. after the incident, the maid went to the police and filed a complaint. however, the candidate was never put behind bars because her parents arranged the case to be dismissed. Never again will this case haunts him/her.


Unknown to this candidate, a copy of this case remains.

During the campaign period several years ago, this candidate asked several people to let him/her in their houses. That was her advertisement. Had the people know that he/she was a known drug addict, I doubt it if they would allow her in?

Who is this candidate whom many said was now salivating for a higher post after being titillated by those surveys?