Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Grace Poe's Ratings Bubble burst very early

A confidential survey which was shared with this writer indicated a possible bubble burst of Grace Poe's ratings. The survey, which was commissioned by a very influential businessman, shows Vice president Jejomar Binay at no. 1, followed by Mar Roxas at second place yet at 17%, then Rody Duterte at 15% and Grace Poe at 14%

This is expected since I think that Poe's ratings are pretty much linked with her popularity and as what any veteran of political wars know, basing one's political fate with popularity is very risky because popularity is very much dependent on the seasons and of the erratic nature of emotional support. When your ratings are not anchored on solid ground, you become what observers in the showbiz industry termed a "flash in the pan," or a "phenom, " a one-hit wonder" or worse, a " flavor of the month."

Poe's mishandling of the issue on citizenship and of residence is the possible trigger that affected her ratings. What is so unfortunate is the fact that Poe's ratings went South very early in the game. This means that her last two ratings spots have already reached the pinnacle or apex, and which also means that Poe's ratings are not as phenomenal as say, Roxas' previous high ratings or even that of Villar's which lasted for a year or so before it went South.

As the days pass, Poe's ratings is expected to either remain low or goes much lower than expected. The answer really is quite obvious---Poe has not attained rockstar status inspite of her handlers doing every single trick of the book to make her closer to her mass base.

Which means that Poe is really not a very strong bet or contender. Her ascendancy to the top of the ratings game is, to be frank, a media creation.