Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How Filipino politicos see themselves thru the ads they air on TV

Disruptiveness--that is one term that distinguishes a great TV commercial from another. A TV ad that does not register well enough in the collective memory is a failed one.

Now being disruptive is not at all being foolish, or stupid just to elicit emotions. A disruptive material that provokes a certain reaction is the most ideal. Let's see how "disruptive" certain political ads right now being aired on TV.

Villar---" Back to trash politics"

Manny Villar is at it again, this time, bestowing to his son, Mark, the specter of being the King of Trash. Villar or at the very least, his political handlers are simply hard-headed. The very concept that has been derided and even led to his defeat for the presidency in 2010, is again, being shown on national TV.

Now, Manny is with his son Mark, being welcomed by a throng of kids living in community possibly again near a dumpsite. Imagine, it has been six years when this concept was initially aired to make it appear that Villar came from the poor, destitute masses. Don't tell me that nothing changed after six years? Is this some way of saying that under a Villar leadership, nothing will change and people living in the dumps will remain where they are. Some people asked me what is this penchant for trash? Why is the former senator so fixated with trash and garbage? Time to consult Jung.

Bongbong's "Tayo tayo" TV aid--with extra selfie

What the people know about Bongbong is he is a serious man, a politico on a mission---of rebuilding this country and making it great again. However, what you see in his commercial is a failed attempt at communicating with millennials. In most of the over a minute TV ad, you'll find Bongbong doing selfies--a sign that for the last six years, all he did was go around town and look for young people and take part in selfies.

Such a selfish person, don't you think? And mind you, being selfish was what people accuse his father of. So now, is he showing the same thing now? Is he destroying the positive perception of people about him having the same intellectual acuity of his father but none of his predecessors' selfishness? Seems like Bongbong is once more trying to do a high wire act.

Mar Roxas---" I am Mar Roxas. I am Pnoy Aquino the fourth version"

Instead of resorting to real live clips of Roxas working his ass off, we see a Mar Roxas being packaged once more, in a traditional commercial. In truth, everywhere you see his ads being shown, aired and listened to by probably millions and the initial reaction from the people is plain and simple, nonchalance. Roxas' handlers simply don't get it.

What people are complaining about Roxas for the longest time is his propensity to act and show himself as another person (i.e, another Pnoy, another Gerry Roxas, another Robredo, etal). Seems like he does not enjoy his own skin. Diretsahan na ito-- for most people, Mar Roxas is a fake.

If I'm Mar, I would not agree on packaging him as a commercial model or an endorser of fakery. I would simply get my camera, shoot him wherever he goes, compile and edit these and show it to the people--unedited, and in all its naked glory. But, nah, Mar's camp will simply not do it. Why? Because probably even from their ranks, they find nothing special about him. He is an ordinary joe being pushed to this thing called politics.

I am sure his ratings will improve but will it bring him victory at the polls? No.