Monday, August 3, 2015

Mar Roxas says he accepts the challenge of his "bosses". Really? Who did the dare?

Mar Roxas is right--it is a challenge. His candidacy is definitely a challenge to the Filipino people's sense of decency and self-respect.

Pnoy says Roxas has the skills and the "experience". Maybe he has some skills to show but our experience about him always from the word "dismal." Roxas has been with government since his DTI days and the thing is, no one can seem to remember much about Roxas' stint in government, as a government Executive and legislator except to say that he's "Mr Palengke." Other than this, do you remember any other law or accomplishment which Mar did that benefited most of us.

Roxas says in his acceptance speech that he is Mar Roxas and he accepts the challenge of his bosses. Is he referring to his LP allies as his bosses? Surely, he did. It cannot be that the people are his bosses because no one among the people asked him or challenged him to run. Who did? No one. No one would even dare challenge him to run because most of us don't really care if he does or not. The fact is, the better he does not run, the better it is for the country.

Admit it--Roxas is somebody reliable for the ruling powers as President because he is your typical cono--someone who wants to be socially acceptable and who does not want to rock the boat to maintain order.

What is so dangerous about Roxas is he deluded himself to think that he can even approximate his brother's status and achievement. Gerry was your consummate politician. He knows what he was talking about and has the hard training to boost it all up. Mar relies on publicity and slogans, something which makes him a very shallow man.