Sunday, August 30, 2015

The INC rally: reasons

INC members continue to occupy EDSA. Their call: attain justice. Why are they calling for justice? The reason is simple-- the DOJ secretary reportedly gave preferential treatment to a criminal complaint filed by a disgruntled member of the INC.

The complaint is not as small as other people think. The complaint is a violation of the law on illegal detention, which carries a punishment serious enough not for the courts to grant bail.

Why is it that this is turning out to be an expression against political accommodation? The facts are very clear--- someone saw an opportunity to use this case to benefit the administration party's political chances in 2016. 

The facts indicate that the overzealousness of the justice secretary is political by nature. It cane at the time when there is a perceived rift between and among members of the INC leadership, something which was published and discussed extensively since three weeks ago.

Clearly, several people thought to use this case to gain political favors from the INC. What these people failed to realize is that the church cannot simply give this to them because everybdecision made by the church is collective by nature and not dominated by one group orvfamily.

These people thought that thus case could be a carrot that they can use to get the support of the church. They thought wrong.

Where will this issue lead? It will lead to a new government very soon.