Wednesday, September 2, 2015

From "preferential" to "transactional" justice just to satisfy one's capriciousness

The INC leadership cried "foul" and called on its hordes to accuse Justice secretary Leila de Lima of "preferential" justice. Three days later, the issue turned from an issue about "preferential justice" to "transactional justice" shortly after the INC chief evangelist Bienvenido Santiago revealed that the INC leadership and the "authorities" have come into an agreement, which, unfortunately, Santiago forgot to reveal the terms of the "agreement". Santiago asked the faithful to fold up and go home, just like that. " We have reached an agreement," says Santiago, and he cut himself short after that.

Mar Roxas was quick to the draw and just said that both camps agreed when government assured the INC leadership that it was just following procedures. That was essentially it, says Roxas.

Well, if that was really what happened, then, why then, it took three full days before government and the INC leadership came into an agreement? Don't tell me that it was very difficult for both sides to understand what the Revised Rules of Court say or that both camps don't have their own legal eagles to fully understand legal S.O.P.'s?

If that was as simple as telling the INC--well, we are just doing our jobs, and we are not giving anybody, any "preferential treatment", then why the need for a "transaction" that lasted for three full days?

I don't believe that such an issue which required thousands of Filipinos to brave the rains, sacrifice their own resources and their health, including those of their kids, and it just ended abruptly without both government and the INC fully explaining what really happened, is justice. I mean, the Filipinos who were used and those who were severely affected by the humongous traffic that was created by that "peaceful" rally deserve a more rational explanation.

The INC leadership denied many times that what they were doing back then was a form of "bullying". " We had a legitimate grievance", says Edwin Zabala, the INC spokesperson, " and it is well within our rights to express it when the government does wrong."

Well, with how this issue ended, it just proved that thousands of the faithful were used, coaxed into believing that what they were doing were right and based on the bible, when all it was really was a political exercise meant to show government the church's "strength." And for what? For government to capitulate.

What the INC leadership forgot is that this government whom they transacted with is the government of all Filipinos, not just the Aquinos and the Roxases. But since both camps think otherwise, that government is just their tool to satiate their capriciousness, then, explaining what really happened during those "transactional meetings" is really not necessary for them.

And why, do you ask?

Because this government and even the INC leadership think that the Filipino People are just tools, religious robots used to show who's boss, and mindless followers of some one's capriciousness.  This is how they regard these Filipinos who love God--made to believe that they are following God when all they really are, according to their own leaders, are blind followers of this Mammon called political power.