Friday, September 18, 2015

Leni Robredo---biggest counterforce against Grace Poe AND Chiz Escudero

Leni Robredo is the anti-thesis of Grace Poe. Yes, they are both neophytes in politics but Leni is more intelligent, more discerning and more "real" than Poe-Llamanzares.

The fact is, Leni is everything Poe-Llamanzares is not. She speaks her mind but chooses when and carefully choose her words even. She is Grace Poe's opposite.

Robredo is being asked to run as Mar Roxas' running mate and for good reason---the good equity being enjoyed by Leni right now would rub off to Mar.

Leni bears the Robredo equity, something which I likened to the acceptability given by the people to former president Ramon Magsaysay.

For those depressed with what and how Grace Poe is doing and faring, this chunk of the voting population would gravitate naturally to Robredo. They are poles apart which is good.

Robredo is also poised to win against Escudero--for obvious reasons. Many of those who do not want an Escudero to win, would eventually go to Robredo. Robredo is a true, rational and the most qualified candidate at this point.