Wednesday, September 23, 2015

" Let the people decide on Poe"? So, why do we still need laws?

Several columnist friends are echoing what President Aquino told Tina Munoz-Palma about the case which involves Senator Grace Poe---" Let the people decide."

Hearing this from the man responsible for taking his oath seriously as the main promoter of our laws makes me very sad. The case filed against Poe is not about her candidacy for the presidency, since she has not even filed for it. The case, Mr. President, is about her citizenship--whether she is natural-born or naturalized. 

What other lawyers, namely Attorneys George Garcia and his mentor, Atty. Macalintal who is running for the Senate under Grace Poe, are saying about the case are all crap. I know George personally and as expected, his arguments are more for propaganda than enriching our legal knowledge. Garcia should go back to processing election papers to overturn a decision.

Macalintal's for his part, already erred when he tried to suggest to Poe's lawyer Atty. Poblador to call for the junking of the petition due to wrong venue. Macalintal may be a brilliant lawyer and we all know how election lawyers managed to become "brilliant."

If We are to follow the president's logic (if that is indeed one), then, let's just dispense of the elections, and annoint or elect Poe today. We want her to win thru the elections, a constitutional requirement for one to ascend to the rungs of Power, yet we do not recognize the law that questions her candidacy because it does not favor her? Why the double standard?

Dura lex sed lex--or loosely interpreted the law may be harsh but that is the law (the law is the law). Why do we waste our time with Grace Poe, when we all know that: 1. She is definitely not prepared for the presidency and if she wins, Chiz Escudero becomes her Rasputin. That's worse than the corruptible Binay and the pitiful Roxas.

What the Powers-that-Be want is for the public to accept the possibility of a 3-man fight---something statistically plausible. What these people do not realize is that the minute this coming elections becomes very chaotic, forget that an election--we will get our new leaders from the chaos, anyway.