Friday, October 30, 2015

Partido Galing at Puso---we surely have sunk so very low

Today is the saddest episode of our history. Those three decades of labor, of trying to raise the ante of political consciousness among our people, of bringing the elections to a higher level—all of these are now destroyed.  Zilch. And most of us expected it to come from the likes of an Erap but from an Escudero and a Poe-Llamanzares whom we expected to be better and more intelligent than the former president? We have sunk so low and all because of the selfish quests by these two people for personal glory.

I am now thinking of finding a job once more abroad, because I really am afraid the minute this tandem wins—expect another six years of lackluster government service, of service for their corporate backers and of giving the crumbs again to us, ordinary citizens.

Today, Poe-Llamanzares-Escudero launched a political party called Partido Galing at Puso or PGP which is the acronym really for either Partidong Grace Poe or President Grace Poe. Its quite obvious that this loose grouping was patterned after how movie producers choose their actors and actresses—without regard for the movie theme but on the individual thespian skills of those going thru the screening process.

Or, of how cult leaders name their religious groups—either representing their own names or initials of their names, and placing God somewhere in the middle or in the first.

At a time when every single one of us was hoping to raise the level of political consciousness and therefore, aid in the maturity of our country as a polity, here comes a so-called party which is nothing more than a tea party to be frank.

Actually, this Partido Galing at Puso (PGP or Pangulong Grace Poe) is nothing more than a personality cult, a loose grouping of various personalities with their own personal agendas, trying to form a comfortable consensus based on their own personal skills and “love for the poor” while scheming against each other, and like crabs trying to scratch their way to the last few slots.

At a time when our people need some sense of direction and vision to aid us for the next six years, here comes a so-called “aggrupation” that promises nothing but a name culled from a movie title, a political party which is formed from a slogan which means absolutely nothing about governance, about dynamics of politics, about the economy, about anything!

Partido Galing at Puso is the symbol of how politicians regard us voters—that we are stupid, we are an emotional people and we are politically immature—therefore we are fit to be treated as trash and given a party that is actually not a party but a hodge-podge of several personalities who already gave their statements of support for the cult figure, who, obviously is Grace Poe.

Partido Galing at Puso is not a political party but a movie, with Grace Poe as the main actress and along with her retinue of bit players, or supporting actors and actreeses. Let me correct myself---Partido Galing at Puso is actually a movie of a love team composed of Poe and Escudero. And the rest are supporting actors and actresses recruited to give some sense of respect and some credence to a tandem formed out of political convenience.

Let me correct myself--- the reason why these people were chosen to fill in the senatorial slate with the exception of some is plain and simple political use-ability. Note how the slate was mostly filled by people whom for the past 30 years had proven themselves skilled in the fine art of the Propaganda—a creative plan by the tandem that in the event they lose, these two would surely cry foul and use their arsenal for creating critical mass.

Ask them what they intend to do for the next six years and you’ll be given motherhood statements, statements which we have heard for over fifty-five years already from the same political stooges of Big Business---poverty alleviation, give education to the youth, develop infrastructure, yada-yada-yada.

Ask them how would they do it, what is the game plan, the action plan, so to speak, and you’ll be given a very cryptic remark---thru our galing (skill) and puso (heart).WTF!

Had I known that it would only take having some skill and some compassion one is already fit for the job as president, I would have taken the time and campaigned six years ago and probably filed a COC for the highest executive post of the land, and hope that I’ll win with a mere slogan lifted from a movie script of the eighties.

Poe-Llamanzares and Escudero probably watched every episode of Aldub and believed that the best way to win is by transforming every voter into an emotional zombie and hope that in every step of the way, there is an episode which makes voters so engrossed, they would even cry on the way to the polling precincts.

What a sad day indeed for us! Who will you vote for? Ah, I’ll vote straight Partido Galing at Puso. Huh? Why? I don’t know. Saan sila magaling? Saan ang kanilang mga puso? Are you telling me that Atty Kapunan cares for the poor when she helped PDAF queen Napoles in her bid to extricate herself from the pork barrel mess?

I am preparing to pack my bags and leave. This country is going to the rapacious dogs, the very same species who got rich during the dictatorship.