Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tuwid na Daan is constitutional coverup of foibles

President Aquino is urging us to continue his "tuwid na daan." Yeah right. The only question is--what really is this tuwid na daan?

If it means ignoring mediocracy and protecting those causing it, then, why follow the president's lead?

Tuwid na daan simply means soft-core dictatorship. It just means an administration peopled by rabid supporters of a president who simply is in power to protect the wealth and irregularities of his friends.  The so-called "inclusive growth" which Pnoy always uses in his speech simply means growth "within friends."

Nothing actually surprising here, since even in past administrations, Aquino's predecessors commit the same sins. Since 1986, numerous administrations actually behaved like constitutional dictatorships, with its power influenced by public acceptability. Surveys which are mostly influenced, show quarterly measurements meant to picture public support for governmental actions. What the administration tries very hard to do is hide these indiscretions.

Aquino and his allies want Mar to replace him simply on the basis of his own survival post-2016. Many believe that a tear that will render asunder Oligarchic unity post-election is possible, since these groups will cancel themselves out eventually prior to May 9.