Monday, December 28, 2015

Grace Poe's election lawyers using media to spread disinformation

Grace Poe's legal adviser election lawyer Romulo Macalintal says its not yet time for the senator to push the panic button. Macalintal says that the January 8 (my birthday) release of the official ballot was not "official" as yet and Poe has until February to secure a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) from the Supreme Court. By then, the SC can definitely call for a special session to tackle Poe's case. The retired lawyer even said that Poe can very well rest.

Grace Poe's camp not in panic mode? Well...

Yet, the actions being taken by Macalintal's acolyte, election lawyer George Garcia tell otherwise.

Garcis is doing the radio rounds, trying to tell people of the "injustice" they got from the Commission on Elections. Instead of sharing legitimate legal arguments, Garcia is acting like a propagandista, trying to mislead the people into believing that Poe got a nasty decision, which was timed to strike her name out of the official ballot.

For one, it is to Garcia's credit that the Comelec acted upon Poe's case in the most expedient manner. Comelec chairman Andy Bautista justified the move when he said that the poll body wants the Supreme Court to resolve Poe's cases immediately so that the issue of her inclusion or exclusion from the official ballot be resolved as soon as possible.

Garcia countered saying that there are thousands of pending unresolved cases before the poll body, but why concentrate on Poe's ? Hay naku, George, listen to what Bautista said--the fact is, the Comelec even did you a great favor by resolving these cases this month. Had it dilly-dallied, definitely you would cry "foul". Which is which, George? I mean, come on. You are a lawyer. Don't be a PR.

What Poe's legal advisers are doing is the usual tactic---pressure institutions of government to give due preference to their clients thru Public Relations (PR). Garcia even pepper his interviews with veiled threats, saying this case could be resolved thru the "people." What people?

Just like Trillianes IV, Garcia is quick to say that "people would revolt" if Poe's name is not included in the ballot. Really now? Garcia must have watched so many FPJ films that he thinks that the mob would definitely appear when push comes to shove for Grace Poe-Llamanzares, his client.

Grace Poe-Llamanzares is no FPJ. The fact is---if FPJ is alive, he will ORDER Mrs. Llamanzares to cease and desist from running for public office. FPJ did so out of his duty as a citizen because the times were different. In the case of Grace, no such condition of iniquity.

No mob would ever appear for Llamanzares, an Irish-American. Why would the people revolt? Why? There is no cause.

Mrs. Llamanzares is not the last of the Mohicans. Will the country die or go to the pits if Mrs. Llamanzares' is disqualified? NO. Our lives would even be better without her.

It is dangerous for the country if Llamanzares is elected into office. Why? Because she is just a puppet of the Big Boys.