Saturday, January 16, 2016

Oligarchs are planning for the restoration of a Marcos in Malacanang this May 2016 thru backdoor

The more candidates for the presidency fight each other out in a very aggressive and in a hotly contested manner, the more they cancel themselves out. These presidentiables are expected to eat each other out, and claw their way to the top. The billions they are already spending for their campaigns pre-election says much.

And who emerges the penultimate winner of this political contest? It's Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr and the oligarchs who back him up.

The fact is--these oligarchs who are behind the presidential and vice presidential campaigns, those funding these candidates, are formerly connected with the dictatorship. These oligarchs have tasted power and with a more competitive business environment caused by globalization, expect these oligarchs to once more spend monies just to have that power of control over government once more. They had that luxury during martial rule. Everybody knows that the only way for local conglomerates to survive in a globalizing business environment is control over regulations. The aim therefore of these oligarchs is to use government as a tool against their foreign competitors.

Consider the backers of these candidates, both in the presidential and vice presidential contests. They have the same bond---they are former cronies of the Marcos dictatorship.

You have the San Miguel group backing Grace Poe-Llamanzares and Chiz Escudero. We all know how Danding Cojuangco got his wealth--as a crony of Macoy. There is talk that Ramon S. Ang is the bright boy that invested much of the Marcos wealth in several offshore accounts, a source says. Escudero is a Danding boy, being a son also of Marcos' agrarian minister. The reason why there is a strong affinity between the two is the fact that it was during the term of Escudero's father that the coco levy scheme was hatched. There is talk that Escudero's father was one of those who supported and helped Danding get those coco levy funds.

And we all know how close the Poe family to the Marcoses during martial rule, the very same way, the Estradas (meaning ERAP) find affinity with Madame Imelda Marcos. That explains why the former president Joseph Estrada raised the hand of Bongbong Marcos instead of his erstwhile political godson, Chiz Escudero.

Another Marcos crony, Lucio Tan, is reportedly funding the campaign of another presidentiable--Rody Duterte. We all know how Tan got his riches--by closely identifying himself with Marcos during Martial law. Besides Tan, several other personalities most of them former cronies of the old dictatorial regime are not just funding but are running Duterte's campaign team.

Duterte's running mate--Alan Peter Cayetano--is being supported by the Zamoras, and the Villars, as well as several others who once got the taste of power during Marcos time. Associates of Cayetano's father who now owns a big corporation that runs resorts and casinos here, are likewise backing him up.

I'm not finished. Even Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who claims to be "clean" and "not supported by anybody" admitted that the Nacionalista Party is partly supporting his campaign. The Nacionalista Party is the party of the former dictator, and is being supported silently by Oligarchs.

And do you know that Mar Roxas is not spared from all of these? We all know that the Aranetas are close relatives of the Marcoses. Liza Araneta, the spouse of Bongbong Marcos Jr., is an Araneta. Likewise, Mar is a cousin of former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, who is now friends with several personalities of the other camps.

So there. In the vice presidential contest, who will laugh the most would be the Villars because they are supporting three candidates--Bongbong Marcos, Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes IV. One of these gentlemen would eventually become president someday since most candidates, except Mar Roxas, has legal infirmities. Aside from the Villars, the Zamoras as well as Ang would also count themselves lucky should anyone of these three clinch the second top spot.

By the way--the Villars, Ang and the Zamoras as well as those other oligarchs are not just involved in real estate and infrastructure development. They are into mining, large scale. Who wins and laughs their way to the bank come May? Yes, you guessed right---the miners.

Trillanes IV made a major blunder when he revealed during a DZMM interview of what will happen to Binay if he wins. Trillanes said there is a move to issue the warrant for Binay's arrest the minute he wins the presidency. So, what these evil people want is to destabilize the entire political electoral process to pave the way for their eventual ascension to the presidency.

A destabilized presidential contest benefits the winner of the vice presidential contest because of the constitutional succession provision under the 1987 Constitution. This eventuality looms because this is the only remaining constitutional provision that has not been contested or has not been legally discussed.

And again, why do I say that Bongbong will become president? The Oligarchs will not allow his defeat this elections because if he loses this contest this year, Bongbong will find it extremely hard to go back to the national scene come 2019. And he will become irrelevant politically come 2022.

So, Chiz, you know what to do.