Friday, February 5, 2016


This is a tall order. But, if we can at least delimit the hold of the Oligarchy by at least 40% (from a staggering 90% of GDP), we will be able to reach first world status sooner than expected. I don't believe that the fault lies in all of us. I have always believed that this country became what it is because of the greed of a few wealthy men and the diminished capacity of the middle class to revolt.

The State follows a basic paradigm: Parasitism

" Let those who rule through force, control even the guts of those who are living in the margins. Land must become a commodity. Control of land means control of production. Make the people work the lands, the landowner controls supply and therefore, prices. Profit from the hard work of the majority."

The middle class is the class that is expected to support the basic masses in its struggle against equity.  Since if we analyze the class structure, we find that there are really just two distinct classes---the super rich and the poor. There is no middle class--it is too small to be considered as a major class. It is therefore, the duty of the middle class to organize the masses and assume a temporary vanguard role before the revolution and increase representation of the basic masses after victory has been achieved.

The question really is--who among the presidentiables has the "goods" or the strong political will to do this?

Duterte? Maybe. He has been doing the rounds advocating for federalism. The only thing or the only comment I have about him is his tendency to veer towards gangsterism or syndicated politics. Maybe he has his own thoughts but if we elect him, he has a tendency towards gangsterism which does not bode well to most of the citizens, especially the business community. We can only push for federalism if our reasons are right, meaning, federalism as a solution towards poverty alleviation and for equalizing rights, not to perpetuate a perceived historical or cultural notion that we are a nation of many voices, therefore, allow dispersal of power based on cultural uniqueness.

How about Binay--will it be to his best interest to shift towards federalism? Yes, if it allows him more power. There are federalist setups where the President becomes a strong political hegemon, similar to the one Russia has.

We might probably exclude both Roxas and Poe to this because what these two espouse is neo-liberalism which does not include this possibility in their political agendum.

For us to achieve delimitation of oligarchical power we need to:

1. Increase government power and control of resources
2. Implement a level playing field
3. strong regulatory control to discourage monopoly capital